Moof Milkers

Episode I: Jawa Pride
The Gand pulls back the whatever-you-call-it-on-a-rifle-thing

Silas Zarbo informed the Gang that their business permit was out-of-date, and that they had to close immediately. Meanwhile the vorefangs in the Jawa Pride parade broke free and started terrorizing the city. Sheriff Bart deputized the Gang to stop the rampaging vorefangs. They killed four and captured one. During their hunt, Sawalim generously tended to wounded townsfolk. The Gang basically stole, and then totaled, a rich homesteader’s speeder. When the approached the City Counsel, they learned that there was no issue with their business permit, and that it was a clerical error. In addition, they learned that it was not only possible, but likely, that someone who bears them ill will set the whole trouble in motion. Could the newly-elected prohibitionist Mayor have any role in this? In the post-credits scene, the Gand intimidated the heck out of some Jawas and got some junk for his trouble.


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